saldanah dotcom   Websites  –  Here are a few websites I’ve built with my own hands and brains.  
    These will all open in a new window, just close that window to get back here.  
Sala & Sons   Local construction firm Sala & Sons needed a refresh of their web presence (boy, did they ever!) and I was tasked to make that a reality. Of course, a website is a living thing, and must grow and change over time. So we’re going around and doing more photography in the spring.  
Harvey Ehrlich   Artist & designer Harvey Ehrlich’s signature site. He was very specific as to what he wanted the site to look like. And I nailed it! Of course, he’s very happy with how it turned out. Just what he wanted. Naturally, I made sure it fit perfectly on an iPad as well, by design.  
Luxury Apartments/ Condos Website   I had an idea for a dual-purpose website for the higher-end condo-apartment complexes, to use the site as a sales tool and as a service for the residents… I built this site as a demo. All the pages have real content, however fictional. This is a demo after all, albeit a fully-functioning demo. There’s also various before-and-after images that animate to show the retouching that’s possible to make photos look better, right there on the home page. I love the Weather Underground weather report widget in the sidebars! :-D
Estate Living   This is a “home for sale” website taken to an extreme level. You’ll notice it’s kind of “information overload”, but that’s what they wanted. Check out the PDFs, and all forty-two tabs in the navigation bar [sarcasm]. But it sure is a nice site, all the information about the home you’d ever want!
    My biggest problem with building websites (believe it or not) is getting the content from the client! They see other sites I’ve done, they know they want a website, they hire me to build it for them, but it’s very difficult to to get them to give me the content for their site. I’ll even help them write it, I’m an excellent writer & editor, especially for marketing copy, but it’s like herding cats. Heck, it’s their business, they’re the ones who know what they do, but they have to tell me, so I can put it on their site for them. You’d think that would be the easiest part, but nooooo....